The state Department called the actions of the USA against Russian institutions “bypass”

The actions of us authorities against Russian diplomatic property — “the bypass” and “on”, said to RIA Novosti, a senior US state Department.

“Today the staff of the Russian Embassy together with officials of the state Department toured three buildings in San Francisco, new York and Washington, D.C. that you want to close the Russian government. These inspections were carried out in order to ensure the safety and protection of the building and confirm that the Russian government released the building,” he explained.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the United States fully comply with the Vienna Convention, U.S. laws and bilateral agreements in these actions and in demanding that Russia close the diplomatic property.

He also called untrue the statements of the Russian side that the us government threatened to break the door of diplomatic missions.

August 31, the US authorities demanded to close until September 2, the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco and to cease the use of the building trade delegation in Washington and new York. As explained in the White house, these actions were a response to the reduction of the U.S. diplomatic presence in Russia.

On Saturday evening, September 2, in the buildings of the Russian dippredstavitelstv U.S. officials began actions that the Russian side regarded as a search.