The Russians were reluctant to move to Moscow

The majority of Russians (77 percent) do not want to move to Moscow. This is evidenced by a survey conducted by Fund “Public opinion” poll. The results leads to “Interfax”.

The desire to move to Moscow said only 12 percent of respondents. However, 25 percent called the capital “the embodiment of all the best”, 67 percent consider it just a normal large city.

Care to the capital are 45 percent of the respondents, 33% like it, and 19 percent — on the contrary. The majority of Russians (77 percent) stated that their attitude to Moscow has changed over the past two years, and only 10 percent changed their minds about the capital.

Almost a third of Russians (31%) believe that the rest of Russia as a whole negative attitude to Moscow, 27 percent believe that residents of other towns and villages still, 24% were unable to answer this question. Respondents named the reasons for possible good relations to Moscow, jobs, beauty of streets, high wages, good education and the mayor.

Not like Moscow, from the point of view of the respondents, it is possible for excessive prosperity, the character of Muscovites, “Moscow from the regions are all the financial flows”.

The survey was conducted 26-27 August in 104 localities among 1,500 respondents.