The personal details of thousands of military and US intelligence were freely available

Thousands of files with a summary and statements on hiring military and US intelligence personnel was in open access in the cloud Amazon. This writes the newspaper the Hill on Saturday, September 2.

Addresses and contact information of current employees and some veterans of the intelligence services, and one police officer and UN official, who worked in the middle East, it was allowed to download due to an error in the system of data protection.

The problem was discovered by the security expert of the security firm Upguard Vickery Creek in July. “I hope we were the only ones who found them”, — he told the publication.

To remove personal information from the free access was only at the end of August due to problems with establishing the source of the leak. As it turned out, resumes and applications are collected for the private security firm TigerSwan-recruiter TalentPen. Amazon used to transfer data.

However, TigerSwan emphasized that transfer of information is done using encryption in February. After that, TalentPen was to delete files.