The meteorologist announced the completion of the first wave of Indian summer in Moscow

The meteorologist announced the completion of the first wave of Indian summer in Moscow

On Tuesday, the temperature drops, strong wind and the rains.

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MOSCOW, September 3. /TASS/. The first wave of Indian summer in Moscow ends with — on change warm, Sunny weather, rainy and cold. TASS said Sunday the Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

“Tomorrow ends the first, or early, phase of the September Indian summer in Moscow. Already on Tuesday it is expected a sharp change in the weather. If 1 and 2 September the temperature was in the range 21-24 degrees, Sunny, light wind, today, and tomorrow the temperature is still quite high: from 17 to 20 degrees, then on Tuesday the wind will intensify, temperature will drop, the rains,” — said Vilfand.

He noted that early next week the capital region will approach the trough of low pressure — the weather will be cloudy, cool, and so will the rest of the week.

“The night temperature will make from 7 to 10 [degrees], day — from 11 to 15 degrees, and raining heavily. Including visible precipitation is projected in the second part of this week,” said meteorologist.

While Vilfand urged residents of the capital not to get upset due to the fact that the weather will deteriorate, as warmer days will be back.

“We worry about the fact that the early Indian summer arrived. But no need to worry what the weather worsens. This, on the contrary, the harbinger of the next period of Indian summer,” he said.

“Until the end of the first phase. According to our calculations, the warm days will still be,” — said Vilfand.

As the expert explained, Indian summer occurs not only during September, but in the first decade of October.