The DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb

The DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb

According to the official media of the DPRK, the warhead can be mounted on a ballistic missile.

Moscow. September 3. INTERFAX.RU — North Korea announced the test of a hydrogen bomb. About it reports South Korean Agency “renkhap”. According to him, North Korean television reported that the test was “fully successful.”

Pyongyang explained that the tested device can be mounted as a warhead on an Intercontinental ballistic missile.

A few hours earlier, the official North Korean media reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN inspected the North Korean scientists have developed a hydrogen warhead, which is sufficiently compact for installation on Intercontinental ballistic missile.

Today South Korea’s military has registered on the Peninsula is unusual seismic activity and suggested that this could be the next, the sixth nuclear test of the DPRK. “Artificial earthquakes” magnitude 5.6 was recorded in and around the landfill, Pungere, which is usually the DPRK is testing nuclear bombs.

Seismologists of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical service RAS reported “Interfax”, that has registered earthquake of magnitude of 6.3. According to them, the tremors occurred in the northeastern part of the DPRK.

Magnitude of North Korea nuclear tests.

2006: 4.3
2009: 4.7
2013: 4.9
2016: 5.1 (January)
2016: 5.3 (September)
2017: 6.3

— The Spectator Index (@spectatorindex) 3 Sep 2017
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Since 2006, North Korea conducted five nuclear tests, two of them last year. During this UN Security Council adopted sanctions against North Korea, trying to force her to abandon nuclear weapons development.