Putin spoke about the “nuclear reactor” inside the Russians


RIA Novosti

Vladimir Putin said that the Russian people have an internal “nuclear reactor”, which allows him to overcome over the centuries of trials and tests. The words of the head of state transmit “Vedomosti”.

“Let’s see how today’s developing world. There are countries which population is incomparably greater than ours, there are States where technology, modern management methods are much more efficient than with us. But the question arises: if we exist more than 1000 years and actively develop and strengthen ourselves, so that we have that contributes to this? That “something” is an internal “nuclear reactor” our people, Russian people, Russian people, which allows you to move forward,” — said Putin.

His statement Putin made during the all-Russian open lesson in Yaroslavl. The President added that Russia exists “is much more than 1000 years” and noted that “not all people could pass such a test of time”. The head of state stressed that over the past century have been taken “great efforts to ensure that our country became a mighty, great power.” The event was hosted by the singer Dmitry Malikov. Opening the all-Russian lesson, the musician urged students “to put the huskies lesson in social media” “We need your likes! We want hype!”. Putin suggested that the Ministry of education to hold an annual national essay on the topic “Russia looking into the future”. The President urged the students to work the “best quality” of previous generations.