Putin asked the doctors three times to increase time with patients


RIA Novosti

Over the next years to reduce the waiting time of medical certificates in queues three times, and three times to increase the time that the physician devotes to the patient. So said Russian President Vladimir Putin high school students during the all-Russian open lesson in Yaroslavl on the forum navigation professional “Proektoriya”.

“Along with education, medicine, health care have already become tangible and real factors of economic progress of any country,” he said. “The economic progress, because only a healthy person can move the economy, social sphere, culture, education”, he added.

Vladimir Putin noted the importance of development of information technologies in health care: it makes the work of doctors easier, ensures more effective communication with patients and with each other.

“Again, this applies to the vast territory of our country is very important, — the President continued — because with the help of telemedicine, you can give timely advice. It already is developing quite actively and quickly, and gives a dramatic effect”.

“I’m not talking about time: our task in the next five to six years to make the amount of time spent by patients in queues for hospital references decreased three times, and the amount of time that the doctor pays the patient, also increased about three times”, — concluded Putin.