Japan, Korea expressed strong protest in connection with nuclear test

Taro Kono

Japan has sent to the DPRK through diplomatic channels strong and strong protest in connection with the Sunday new nuclear test. About it as transfers TASS, said the head of the Japanese foreign Minister Taro Kono.

“This is absolutely inexcusable,” he described the incident the Minister who was the first official announced that, estimates of the Japanese government, North Korea carried out another nuclear test.

Earlier seismic service of a number of States recorded on the territory of the DPRK earthquake, the focus of which was on the surface of the Earth, in the very place where previously conducted nuclear tests. According to seismologists, seismic event could have an artificial origin.

In Seoul suggested that the incident is yet another nuclear test. The President of South Korea, moon Jae-In urgently convened the national security Council in connection with this event. The military has increased the level of preparedness.

Earlier, North Korea stated that it had developed a hydrogen bomb, which can be used on an Intercontinental ballistic missile as a warhead. The charge presented to leader Kim Jong Ynu during the inspection that he carried out at the Institute of nuclear research. Its power, as noted, can range “from tens to hundreds of kilotons”.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains tense. The international community is demanding that North Korea cease nuclear and missile programs, the UN security Council in connection with the tests repeatedly tightened sanctions.

On the night of August 29, North Korea launched a rocket which flew over Japan’s territory, fell in 1180 kilometers from the island of Hokkaido. Total flight distance was 2.7 thousand kilometers.