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In Beslan commemorated the victims of terrorist attacks in 2004

In North Ossetia on 3 September mourning events dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the terrorist act in school No. 1 of Beslan. They were attended by about 10 thousand people. Earlier, activists of the public organization “Mothers of Beslan”, which unites the victims of the terrorist attack and relatives of the victims, appealed to the European court of human rights (ECtHR) with the requirement to prevent the revision adopted in April the ECHR decision in their lawsuit against Russia, which the justice Ministry had appealed the August.

September 1 at 9:05 in the courtyard of the memorial complex on the site of the destroyed school were about a thousand people, to lay flowers and toys burned in the gym.

September 1 2004 a group of terrorists seized school No. 1 in Beslan (North Ossetia). More than a thousand hostages, mostly children, for three days held without food or water, some of them were shot. The attack and the counter-terrorist operation on 3 September killed 334 people, including 318 hostages, from which 186 — children. Killed ten of the commandos, two rescuers and 15 policemen. 810 people were injured, 126 were disabled.

On the same day, activists of the Committee “Mothers of Beslan” held a press conference where he spoke about the problems of former hostages and their relatives. It was about medical care, in which many of them still need.

“The government should be ashamed that these people are left abandoned, without any official status, and are forced every year to beg for money so that the child will continue to live,” — said the activist of the Committee of Marina Park.

According to her, the “Beslan Mothers” receive many calls from victims who lack funds for treatment. Each of these issues is considered separately from the others, there is no single normative act, according to which the state would provide aid in the attack.

“Mothers of Beslan” also reiterated its position on the necessity of adoption of law “On victims of terrorist acts”, which would prescribe all necessary assistance to the victims at the state level. While no such law, people who are victims of terrorists across the country are forced to fight for piles of life alone. Activists of “Mothers of Beslan” gave the example of 22-year-old former hostage, who just can’t pay your way to Moscow, where should be treated.

On 3 September at the destroyed school once again gathered people. This time there were about five thousand men. On this day, major taxis of Vladikavkaz has carried passengers on memorial events for free. Among the crowd in front of the school stood a delegation of the “Fair Russia” led by Sergei Mironov. Mr. Mironov involved in the campaign of the party in the upcoming elections after a week in the North Ossetian Parliament.

By tradition, at 14:30 at the memorial cemetery “City of angels” have started to read the names of the 334 fatalities. Then launched into the sky white balls.

As previously reported by “Kommersant”, the Committee “Mothers of Beslan” on 1 September sent an appeal to the ECHR with the request to refuse the Russian authorities in the case of the terrorist attack in Beslan. A few days before this, the Russian justice Ministry appealed the decision of the ECHR in the case “tagayeva and others V. Russia” and sought its revision. In April, the ECHR ordered Russia to pay 409 plaintiffs — the victims and the victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan €3 million, of which €2,995 million as compensation for moral damage and €88 thousand as a reimbursement of legal costs. The court then found that the government of Russia in September 2004 were in a difficult situation and took the necessary measures to rescue the hostages, but article 2 (right to life) of the Convention on the protection of human rights have been violated. In addition, the court claimed that the authorities had specific information about planning in the region a terrorist attack against educational institution and have not taken sufficient steps to prevent it. The court also noted shortcomings in the decision-making process of the operational headquarters for hostage release and the lack of coordination of concerned departments.

In the Kremlin the findings of the court that the government could minimize the consequences of a terrorist attack, called “purely theoretical” and “totally unacceptable”: “We cannot agree with this formulation, a country which has repeatedly been subjected to terrorists’ attacks,” — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. The justice Ministry also noted that some court decisions are not justified.

In the mourning events in Beslan took part in a total of 10 thousand people. Government-organized demonstrations against terrorism were held on Sunday in several Russian regions.

Zaur Of Farniev, Vladikavkaz; Ivan Tyazhlov