About 300 Chinese tourists stormed the ferry on lake Baikal and beat team member

A crowd of Chinese tourists — about 300 people — stormed the ferry “Olkhon gate”, which was carrying people from the Baikal Olkhon island to the mainland. On Friday, September 1, reports channel “Star”.

The incident occurred in late July, but became aware of it only now. It is noted that one of the three ferries constantly plying between the island and the mainland broke down, which on both sides formed a huge queue. Tourists had to wait a few days.

As told Sergey Sizikov, who was then captain of the “Olkhon gate”, it is moored to the pier on the island and barely had time to unload the cars and people, when about 300 people, mostly Chinese, rushed to the ship. He explained that the ferry only 96 rescue funds, therefore, exceed the number of passengers is impossible.

“In General, I started to raise the ramp, and one middle-aged man hit my daughter (worked as a mechanic — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) in the face, knocked her tooth out. They are all trunks, bags, grabs a bag, hitting her back on the spine, the whole crowd rushed,” said Sizikov.

According to him, the influx of Chinese tourists on Olkhon island in recent years greatly increased. “Every day we keep these Chinese — but will not go on this one. It’s impossible. Such a number of their rides — it’s terrible, since Jan and still going and going” — he explained. The man said that after the incident, resigned. The police Sizikov address did not.

Olkhon is the largest island on lake Baikal with a permanent population of about 1.7 thousand people. Rock Shaman, tract of sand and other natural attractions on the island attracts tourists almost throughout the year (winter ice road, in summer ferries). The island — reserve.