Two people died in the fall of light aircraft in the suburbs

Archival photoditazine: the Time of falling of An-2 at Moscow air show was on video

In the Moscow region on Saturday, September 2, crashed the plane An-2. According to preliminary data, two persons were lost, their persons are established. About it “” has informed the official representative of the Moscow interregional investigation Department of transport TFR Elena Markovskaya.

The incident occurred in the city Train (part of heading) during the Airshow. According to Markov, on Board were two people. Upon impact with the ground the aircraft was destroyed and caught fire. In fact the incident is conducted investigation verification.

In Telegram channel Mash citing eyewitnesses stated that before the collision with the ground, the aircraft performed a loop. This information was confirmed by TASS source in the emergency services.

“The pilots showed aerobatics. When you run the loop, may have been a mistake, the pilot lost control and the plane fell,” he explained.

Head of information-analytical Department of the “Society of friends of air fleet” Valery Smirnov told the news Agency that after the incident the flights at the air show stopped.

The event was held at the airport DOSAAF Black in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Antonov An-2. In the framework of the celebrations planned demonstration flights of the aircraft. Those who wanted could get acquainted with terrestrial exposure, is located on the airport.