The Russian Embassy in the U.S. refused to “roll hysteria”

The Russian Embassy in the U.S. stated that he hoped for the normalization of bilateral relations even after the closure of the Consulate in San Francisco. A message posted on the website of the diplomatic mission.

“The reporting made by the US administration as unfriendly, — stated in the text. — Unfortunately, this is another turn of the spiral of diplomatic attacks against each other. It leads to further deterioration of Russian-American relations. Creating problems for ordinary people. Harm the economic cooperation between our countries. And generally is in the common interests of Russia and the USA”.

As noted by Russian diplomats, they are not going to “slide to the edge of hysteria and confrontation”, and intend to continue to work for the good of Russia and the USA.

On August 31 it became known that the USA has demanded from Russia to close the Consulate General in San Francisco. Also need to stop working two consular facility in Washington and new York sales offices. The decision must be executed before September 2.

The White house said that the decision to take this measure took Donald trump. According to the representative of the presidential administration, this was done in response to the reduction of the U.S. deprecative in Russia. In this speech the downsizing of staff and the expulsion of Russian diplomats is not.