The media learned about the possible poisoning of the General Director of “resorts of the North Caucasus”

Oleg Gorchev

The General Director of joint-stock company “Northern Caucasus Resorts” Oleg Gorchev that September 1 was found dead in his Moscow apartment could be poisoned. On Saturday, September 2, reported in Telegram-channel Mash.

Initially it was claimed that the death Gorcheva is non-violent. However, according to information from the public, investigators noticed “some stuff”. It is reported that a few days before the death of 40-year-old businessman, began to complain of pain in the abdomen. The man also said that taking drugs was not for him.

1 Sep body Gorcheva found his father, who came to his home in the apartments in the complex “Moscow-city” after son stopped communicating. The corpse was lying in the bathtub face down, and near it were traces of vomit. Currently under examination to determine whether the owner intentionally poisoned a few days before death.

JSC “resorts of the North Caucasus” was created in December 2010 by order of the government of Russia. The objectives of the company include the management of special economic zones of tourist-recreational type on the territories of the North Caucasus Federal district.

Gorchev since 2011 he held the position of Deputy General Director for economy and Finance in the “Resorts of the North Caucasus”, and in December 2014 he was appointed CEO.