Putin in Yaroslavl deprived of goat milk

Vladimir Putin

Yaroslavl farmers are unable to treat the President of Russia Vladimir Putin goat’s milk. It upset the head of state, RIA Novosti reported.

The head of one of the local farm Anna Kozlova complained to Putin difficulties. In response, the President lamented that she did not bring the milk to the sample. She explained that he had asked to allow her to take samples of products, but the organizers of the meeting are not allowed. “Say, can’t,” she added.

“Yes, sorry. I’ll keep that in mind”, — said the head of state, referring to the acting Governor of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Mironov.

The President asked me to make for him, goat cheese, noting that it is very tasty and useful product. The head of the region promised to arrange delivery.

Concluding the conversation, Putin wished the goats Gantry all the best and good yields, adds RIA Novosti.

The head of state arrived in Yaroslavl earlier than 1 September. There he held an open lesson and visited the state College of Olympic reserve, where he tested a hockey trainer.