Putin advised the students to quickly determine the ambitions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged the pupils to choose the profession as early as possible. On Friday, September 1, he participated in the open lesson, titled “Russia, forward-looking” in Yaroslavl, the broadcast of which led channel “Russia 24”.

“I really hope that you will be able to make this choice, you can do it without delay because the sooner you do, the better,” he said, explaining that so young people will have “more time for improvement”.

The President noted that current students could help determine the future direction of development of the country, writing an essay on the topic, developing the name of the open lesson “Russia looking into the future”. “To see in General how we should move where we have to develop,” he explained.

So Putin invited the boys to “look at what they see our country at the turn of 40-50-ies of the” twenty-first century.

July 21, the Russian leader talked to the students of the educational center “Sirius” for gifted children in Sochi. Stream the so-called “Adult conversation” was conducted on NTV. In particular, Putin told young people about the three main values in life that most influenced his life event and ability to cope with aggression.

The President each year attend school on the Day of knowledge. In 2016, he communicated with the students in Vladivostok in 2015 — with students “Sirius”.