Poklonskaya told who was behind the attack on the Studio Teachers



The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya said that the Studio Director Alexey Uchitel in St. Petersburg were attacked by “radical face”. It is reported by NSN.

“Whose supporters I do not know. < …> Most recently, a picture of the Holy Emperor were doused with blood. < …> Just a few days you receive information about the availability of Molotov cocktails near the building of the Studio Director, Teacher. The feeling that links in a chain that provoked and caused by one factor,” she said.

According to her, all this is due to the fact that he had received the rental license the film “Matilda” causes “a lot of emotions in societies.” She noted that, if the film for which “put forward a tremendous Federal money” causes negative emotions and provokes a crime, he “in accordance with the Federal law of the Russian Federation and the regulations on issuance of rental certificates may not receive a distribution certificate”.

The attack on the Studio Teacher in the building “Lendok” occurred on the night of August 31. Unidentified persons threw Molotov cocktails at the facade of the building. The police brought the incident a case of hooliganism. After that, the Director turned to the interior Ministry and the FSB with a request to provide security to the cinemas and spectators “Matilda”. The film will be released on 25 October.