Nemtsov acknowledged the father of the son, iftode

Nemtsov acknowledged the father of the son, iftode

The Zamoskvoretsky court of capital recognised the son of Catherine, iftode child of Boris Nemtsov that gives him the right to part of the inheritance of the murdered politician, said the Agency “Moscow” on Friday, September 1.


“The claim was satisfied,” — said press Secretary of the court Emilia Gil. The solution is based on the results of genetic examination.

The plaintiff confirmed that they are fully satisfied that completion of the case. “All sufferings, the struggle for justice, and she continues,” — said Iftodi.

The defendants in the course of the process was the children of Boris Nemtsov — Anton, Jeanne and Diana, as well as two of its civil wife Ekaterina Odintsova and Irina Koroleva.

In April, the same court dismissed the claim and the Moscow city court recognised this decision lawful. But then it was decided to consider the case anew.

In March, iftode has directed to court the petition for the exhumation of the body of Nemtsov at his own expense for carrying out of genetic examination, but she refused.

Boris Nemtsov was shot dead on 27 February 2015, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge. In the place of his death staged an informal memorial. In January 2016, the Investigative Committee of Russia reported about solving the case. The executor of the murder, the investigation, was a Chechen Zaur Dadaev. Also, the prosecution has charged his countrymen to the Sagitta and Anzor Gubashev, Temirlan Eskerhanova and Khamzat Bachevo.