Mystery of the origin of life

Mystery of the origin of life

Produced with the outer surface of the International space station (ISS) samples proved that certain types of bacteria able to survive in the deadly radiation from outer space, reports RIA Novosti.

The corresponding statement was made head of the future expedition to the ISS — cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin. In his opinion, it is due to the ingress of these bacteria on Earth could Harbor life.

“And when collected the samples, I thought: well there can be still alive? There what biological life can be? And suddenly, there it is!” — told the Misurkin.

According to him, “the fact that something could survive in outer space, suggests that if the microorganisms are able to survive, then, perhaps, life itself appeared on Earth in the same way”.

In the course of a new expedition to the ISS, the astronaut expects to make a spacewalk and collect new viable forms of bacteria.