Kuznetsov announced the creation of a database exported to Syria and Iraq children from Russia

Authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova announced the creation of a unified database of Russian children exported to the middle East parents who decided to join the terrorist groups, including “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). On Saturday, September 2, reports TASS.

This statement was made by Kuznetsova at the airport of Grozny, where the plane landed from Iraq, on Board of which there were 12 citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan.

“Currently in the database of the Ombudsman’s office are 350 names of the children, and it is constantly updated,” said she.

Earlier Friday, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in his Instagram announced the return to Russia of 12 people — four women and eight children. “Among these, one resident of Chechnya with three young sons, resident of Tver’s son, a girl from Tyumen, son. Also on Board are a citizen of Kazakhstan with three children and other”, — said Kadyrov.

25 Aug Kadyrov reported that in Grozny from Iraq arrived injured nine-year-old Maryam Shigabutdinov, sisters Khadijah and Fatima Zinukova (five years and three years), as well as a three-year Sultan Murad Aliyev and Ali Magomedov. Then the head of Chechnya noted that “the kids were in the throes of chaos Mosul because of the criminal folly of parents who have joined the ranks of terrorists and dogs of hell”, and their salvation became possible thanks to execution of the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.