In Poland, claimed reparation from Russia in Riga the world

The ruling party of Poland “law and justice” believes that the country should demand reparations from Russia under the Treaty known as the peace of Riga. About it reports “Radio Poland”.

MP Ian Mosinski recalled that the agreement signed in Riga in 1921, between the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) and Poland, provided for the payment to the Polish side of 30 million rubles in gold. According to him, this amount was not listed. He believes that modern Russia as the legal successor of the Soviet Union should take this into account.

The Deputy Minister of justice Patrick Yaky also added that the Russians “have to think about what they did to Poland.”

In Poland there is ongoing debate about obtaining reparations from Germany for world war II. In 1953, Warsaw refused the payment, however, some historians, lawyers and politicians believe that this step was dictated by the Communist authorities, and doubt its legitimacy. A common position on this issue among state leaders not. In Germany stated that this topic is closed.

Peace of Riga was signed on 18 March 1921 at the end of the Soviet-Polish war. The Polish side, according to the document received a number of territories formerly belonging to the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union was obliged to pay the money for the Polish contribution to the economic activity of the Empire, to return the trophies and to transfer a large amount of property. In September 1939, the Soviet government canceled all contracts and agreements with Poland in connection with the collapse of the Polish state. Part of the cast lands (Western Ukraine and Western Belarus) became part of the USSR.