Fired after the scandal with the “phony” medal official has returned to work

Adyghe clerk, whose daughter was suspected of illegally obtaining a gold medal, appealed the dismissal and returned to his former position. This is with reference to regional management of the Investigative Committee reports the edition “Notebook-Krasnodar”.

According to the publication, Svetlana Paranuk returned to work in late August. On the page women posted in Instagram photo with his daughter, the honor student. In the comments, one user said: “the Whole team is very happy news about your return.” Notepad, notes: “Negative comments Paranuk chose from your page to remove it, leaving only the words of support”.

21 June, Instagram has a video of the ceremony of the medals in district school No. 1. One of the graduates from the scene said that her classmate was given a medal unfairly, as her mother, is headed by the district education Directorate.

Republican authorities arranged the test. It turned out that the official was in the capacity of examiner on the same EGE, where he passed the graduation test her daughter. It is considered a violation of the law on combating corruption, the woman was fired.

Graduate decided to voluntarily surrender the medal and wrote a letter to the Director of schools with a request to deprive her of the rewards. The request was granted.