Dzhabrailov explained the shooting in the hotel “nervous breakdown”

Dzhabrailov explained the shooting in the hotel “nervous breakdown”

MOSCOW, 2 sen — RIA of news. Ex-Senator, a Russian businessman Umar Dzhabrailov said that he opened fire in a hotel room in the center of Moscow because of a “nervous breakdown” and the consequences of “shell shock”, and also due to the fact that he was “in despair”.

“It is connected with my nervous system, my feelings and state of nervous breakdown, of passion. Unfortunately, fired two shots into the ceiling,” Dzhabrailov said the TV channel “Russia 24”, noting that he apologized to the staff and those who heard the sound of gunfire.

The businessman also said that he could do it as “shell-shocked”.

“I’m a combatant, I am a reserve officer, fought in Chechnya once during the operation. And apparently, it worked,” he said, adding that “shot in the ceiling of despair”.

According to Dzhabrailov, when he “realized that it did”, then “emptied the clip, put everything on the table and began to wait”, when he was come police.

“Then I was taken to the police station where I spent the night, the next day I was assigned investigators to three lovely ladies. I questioned the next day, took witnesses, lawyers, the special dog, went to my room, nothing criminal was, the powders were not only, maybe washing powder, I don’t know,” he said.

The ex-Senator explained that the pistol intended for self-defense, and to shoot anyone he was not going to. “I have a lot of fighters, I do not hide it, but I love to walk alone,” — said the businessman.

According to Dzhabrailov, he is willing to suffer punishment in proportion to what I’d done. He also said that, in addition to a premium of TT pistol from which it shot, he has a Kalashnikov rifle, donated by the designer. “It to me Kalashnikov himself gave. We scored in the licensing system of the Ministry of interior. And, by the way, I there passed, and he had them in storage is. On the spetskhranenie,” said the ex-Senator.