Colombian guerrillas reported the death of the Russians while trying to escape

A citizen of Russia and Armenia Arsen Voskanyan, who for six months held by Colombian leftist guerrilla group, “national liberation Army”, was killed in April, said in an interview with Reuters her commander, Jerson.

According to him, Voskanian was shot when he grabbed a grenade, trying to escape. “A grenade exploded. A few of our guys were injured, a group of five guys. He fled, shot him. Will discuss the issue of his body,” said Gerson, adding that the incident occurred in the location of his unit.

He also stated that the ransom money required grouping in order to supply its fighters and that the world government will be impossible without public funding to feed and clothe the rebels.

According to the Agency, Jerson has not submitted any evidence supporting his allegations. However, the murder of vosganian confirmed by another source.

ANO captured Voskanyan in November. The group argued that he collected under the threat of extinction of poisonous frogs in the jungle in the North-West of the country, in chocó Department, and accused him that he wants to smuggle samples of wildlife abroad.

The government of Colombia stated that he knew nothing about the claims of ANO, and the last thing reported on this issue, it was a statement of this group, which stated that vosganian has escaped. A senior official stressed that the responsibility for the death of a hostage lies with the rebels.

Currently, ELN is the only major insurgent group operating in the country. Previously, the largest rebel organization, the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, from the second attempt have reached an agreement with the government on the disarmament and return to civilian life.