Anybody confessed their love to the song “Third of September”

Anybody confessed their love to the song “Third of September”

Pop singer Michael Shufutinsky has shared his feelings from his hit song “Third of September”. His words the radio station “Moscow speaking” on Friday, September 1.

“The song was a success, I loved her at first sight, as they say, and since I sing with pleasure. Does not pass almost any of the concert, where I sang, because she never asked,” said anybody.

The contractor noted that in 24 years since the release of the song on it was released a lot of covers, including a viral video with rapper Rick Ross.

Lyrics to “Third of September” was written by composer and singer Igor Nikolaev. The music was made by the producer Igor Krutoy.

The first time anybody has performed the song in 1993. The song gained popularity among the Internet users each year 3 Sep social media filled with jokes about the inverted calendar and burning ash, which sings singer.

69-year-old Mikhail Shufutinsky — honored artist of Russia, laureate of the award “the Chanson of year”. In addition to the “Third of September”, he released such songs as “Marjana”, “Jewish tailor”, “Levyy Bereg Dona” and “cap”.

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