Zakharova: Moscow is not involved in acoustic attacks on Cuba


RIA Novosti

Reports that Moscow is involved in acoustic attacks on Cuba, which affected American diplomats, is absurd, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Recall, according to CNN, more than a dozen who worked in Havana, U.S. diplomats and members of their families are now forced to undergo treatment for “acoustic effects of an uncertain nature”. According to the information channel, such effects diplomats have been since November of 2016. There is a risk that some victims will lose the hearing. Also in June on similar symptoms complained of canadian diplomats.

“As for trying to see some interest, either direct or indirect participation of our country, that is, of course, the absolute absurdity and some strange insinuations, — said Zakharov. — No part in sound, noise, and in there somewhere I even read, musical effect or the attack on American diplomats in Havana, no one involved in this.”