The survey showed how many people in the regions would not want to move to Moscow

The survey showed how many people in the regions would not want to move to Moscow

MOSCOW, September 1 — RIA Novosti. The majority of Russians (77%), not living in Moscow, would not want to move to the capital, the survey of Fund “Public opinion”.

According to the public opinion Foundation, 77% of respondents reported that they did not want to live in Moscow, to the contrary, stated only 12% of Russians. A quarter of respondents called “the embodiment of all the best”, while 67% of Russians believe the Russian capital just a large city.

According to the survey, almost half of respondents (45%) do not experience any feelings towards Moscow, 33% of respondents, the Russian capital evokes positive emotions, while 19% were negative. The majority of respondents (77%) stated that their attitude towards capital over the last couple of years has not changed, and 10% of the respondents stated about improvement or deterioration of their relations to Moscow.

Opinions about how to the capital are residents of the Russian cities and villages, were divided: 31% of respondents think negatively; 27% — indifferent; 18% were positive, and almost a quarter of respondents (24%) were undecided on this question. Among the reasons of the positive relation to Moscow inhabitants of the towns and villages of the Russian Federation named the availability of jobs, the beauty of the Russian capital, high salaries and level of education, and the good mayor and the city’s development.

The reason of negative attitude to the capital called excessive prosperity of Moscow compared to the rest of the country, “to Moscow from the regions are all financial flows”, the character of the Muscovites, and so on.

Poll “Omnibus” was held on 26-27 August in 104 settlements among 1,500 respondents.