The Network stunned by divinity “double metadata”

The Network stunned by divinity “double metadata”

The Network has drawn attention to pictures of cat with an unusual raskrasok on the back, reminiscent of a chubby cat. The images were published in Twitter-account tatuya01 and in three days gained more than 245 thousand likes and 130 thousand posts.

In the comments under the post users of the social network agreed that the photographs of the double matakot, who came to earth to control mankind. “The prophecy is coming true! Matakot arrived to drive us two times better than it could have done ordinary cat,” he began to admire them.

— ねこやん (@tatuya01) August 29, 2017
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Some thought that cat does not like the leader of the Land, but merely put the “cat” jacket or a special camouflage. “It seems that he dressed in one of those special dresses with a black outline that make the figure slimmer,” joked one of them.

In late July, in Twitter discovered a black-and-white kitten with a spot on the face, resembling a curled cat. Then users have described the unusual phenomenon Catception by analogy with the film Christopher Nolan’s “inception”.