The monument to Ivan IV in Aleksandrov postponed indefinitely

The installation of the monument to Ivan the terrible in city of Aleksandrov Vladimir region postponed indefinitely, reports “Interfax” with reference to the Deputy head of the administration of Aleksandrovsky district Elena Shulga.

The official noted that the issue of monument of power will return after the completion of improvement works on the promenade. Shulga said that to abandon the project no one is going.

“The fact that the Alexander land would be a monument to Ivan the terrible, no doubt. With this agreement, and local residents, we are also seeing great interest and support from tourists,” — said the representative of the administration.

On 26 July, the monument to the Russian Tsar intended for Alexandrov, appeared in Moscow, Petroverigsky lane on the Avenue of the rulers. The sculptor Vasily Selivanov gave the monument for safekeeping of the Russian military historical society (RVIA).

A month earlier Selivanov and his associates from the Fund “Russian Vityaz” took the authorities Alexandrov sculpture and transported it from the city. At the end of April, the monument to the Russian Tsar disappeared from the place of installation, while the author retreated to lunch. Witnesses of the incident were convinced that the monument was stolen, but the city administration is explained by the transfer open for the summer.

Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible was opened on 14 October 2016 in Orel city, which king founded in 1556.