The media learned about the growing discontent of the trump job of Secretary of state

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump is dissatisfied with the work of his aides, advisors and Cabinet members. This writes the newspaper The Washington Post, citing close associates in the White house.

In particular, interlocutors of the edition told that fell into disgrace, the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson due to disagreements on the deployment of additional U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Also the discontent of the trump is the position of the head of the US diplomacy in relation to the policy against Cuba and Qatar.

To the President I doubt that Tillerson will remain in his post until January, claiming that his resignation could take place much earlier one-year term at the head of the state Department. It is also reported that he Tillerson, who does not love to take orders, in private conversations talked about wanting to retire.

Also, the newspaper writes, the President is “seething with discontent” Director of the National economic Council Gary Cohn, whom he suspects of disloyalty — he criticized trump’s reaction to the confrontation right-wing neo-Nazis in the city of Charlottesville, grew into riots and clashes with police.