The first-grader Polina gave Putin a postcard via Yaroslavl Governor

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Mironov

Temporarily fulfilling duties of the Governor of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Mironov gave President Vladimir Putin a postcard from a first grader Polina Zhavoronkova. On Friday, September 1, reported on the Kremlin website.

“Today was on the solemn ruler devoted to knowledge Day. The first-grader Polina Zhavoronkova gave you a card with a wish,” said Mironov, giving a gift. He said that the girl went to first grade in a gymnasium in the city of Rostov.

“Give a big Hello to her and her parents” — responded the head of state.

According to TASS, September 1 the acting Governor congratulated the students of the Rostov gymnasium named it with the beginning of the new academic year, and also kept his promise to graduate kindergarten No. 5 Pauline Zhavoronkova — took the girl on her life’s first school lesson. In February of this year at a public meeting of the Rostov district Pauline read poems and gave Mironov a doll I had sewn with their own hands. In response, he promised to personally take her to the first class.

Vladimir Putin has arrived to Yaroslavl on a working trip earlier on Friday. He participated in the open lesson, titled “Russia looking into the future”, which was broadcasted in other regions. The President also had a working meeting with Dmitry Mironov. He presented the acting Governor of the folder with the references of inhabitants of region on the basis of a straight line and discussed the unresolved issues in the social sphere.