Simonyan wrote an open letter


RIA Novosti

Chief editor MIA “Russia today” editor-in-chief of RT TV channel Margarita Simonyan published an open letter to the “Reporters without borders” , which asks the Secretary General of the organization to clarify who exactly of the employees of RT, he considers the enemy of journalism.

Informed the Secretary General of “Reporters without borders” Christophe Deluar in an interview with Télérama said that during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Versailles, the French leader Emmanuel macron “harshly treated with RT and Sputnik two media, funded by the Kremlin, calling them “bodies of influence”.

According to Deloire, last year, after the adoption of the resolution of the European Parliament, aimed ” against the Russian propaganda,” Simonyan said to him with a request to “protect” RT, Recalling article 19 of the universal Declaration of human rights. He said that ” we live in an age when the enemies of journalism are the principles that used to protect journalism.”

After this statement Simonyan suggested that the organization “quietly to disband, not to disgrace the true defenders”. “Reporters without borders”, in turn, published an open letter in which he spoke out against the sharp attacks of the editor-in-chief of RT in the organization.

“We kindly request the Secretary-General of “Reporters without borders” Christophe Deloire clarify its position and to specify who exactly of the employees of RT, he considers the enemy of journalism. According to the Secretary-General, he did not claim that the RT is composed entirely of enemies of journalism, so it would be useful to know who exactly he has in mind,” wrote Simonyan in an open letter to the organization.

An open letter to the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan