More than 60 thousand Americans were asked to recognize George Soros a terrorist

George Soros

More than 63 thousand people have signed a request to the President of the United States Donald Trump to recognize American billionaire George Soros a terrorist. The relevant text of the petition posted on the White house website.

The authors of the proposal argue that Soros intentionally always tried to destabilize the situation, inciting citizens against the authorities. According to them, the billionaire has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of separate organizations whose sole purpose is to contribute to the collapse of the constitutional government.

The signatories also accuse Soros in the development of unhealthy and unwarranted influence on the Democratic party and most of the Federal government of the United States.

“The US Federal government and the Ministry of justice must immediately declare George Soros and all his organizations and their members terrorists. Its personal property and assets must be confiscated”, — require the authors of the petition. For consideration by the White house, you need to collect 100 thousand signatures before September 19, 2017.

On 20 January, Soros said that politics trump will fail, and he has dictatorial. During the presidential campaign last year, Soros supported a rival trump — democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and sacrificed to the needs of her campaign headquarters about $ 25 million.

George Soros got rich in the 1970-ies, when, together with Jim Rogers founded the Quantum Fund, which for 10 years brought a profit of 4200 percent, while the U.S. index S&P grew by only 47 percent.