Model-transsexual called all white people racists

Model-shemale Monroe Bergdorf (Bergdorf Munroe), who became the “face” of L’oreal Paris campaign in Britain #allworthit, accused all white people of the world in racism. About this newspaper the Daily Mail.

A few days after the approval of the company, the model said that the majority of the white population is not aware or does not recognize that the existence, privilege, and success of the white race built on the blood and death of people with a different skin color. “The existence of ALL white people imbued with racism,” he said.

In L’oreal the publication refused to comment on the words of the model.

29-year-old Bergdorf’s, in addition to the career model works as a DJ and is also a TRANS activist movement. At 18 years of age the boy Ian said about his transsexualism, four years ago, he began taking female hormones.