Media: Latvia is concerned about the plans of the activists to erect a monument to fighters against fascism



Latvian security Police summoned the leader of the “Union against Nazism” Janis Kuzins after community initiatives to establish in the country a monument to Soviet partisans.

According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, an earlier edition published a story about the possible installation of the monument to the partisan Vasily Kononov, who, according to the Agency, is “criminal”, and “the erection of a monument in memory of the partisan impossible.”

“I explained that the monument will be dedicated to all the partisans who fought on the side of the coalition”, — told the newspaper cousins.

According to him, “the scandal fanned by the local media, who began to write about the monument “the executioner Kononov”.

The publication notes that the security Police has said it is ready to test the initiative of members of the community, as the spread of information about a possible installation of the monument may be an example of “the ongoing Russian information operations against Latvia”.

“The purpose of these activities is the dissemination in the information space promoting the geopolitical interests of Russia messages about events in Latvia”, — the newspaper quoted a police statement.