Lavrov noted the reluctance of the US to tango in the bilateral relations

Lavrov noted the reluctance of the US to tango in the bilateral relations

Moscow. September 1. INTERFAX.RU — IN Moscow not looking for a quarrel with Washington, are open to constructive cooperation, but the United States perform in relations with Russia, “individual breakdancing”, — said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“As for another of our neighbour, the United States, as the President said time and again, we seek no quarrel with this country, we were always friendly to the American people, and now opened for constructive interaction where it meets Russian interests, and genuinely want bilateral political atmosphere became normal,” — said Lavrov, speaking at MGIMO.

But how do you know it takes two to tango, yet I think our partners over and over again to fulfill individual breakdancing.Sergei Europeanists of foreign Affairs of Russia

According to the Minister, the closure of United States-Russian diplomatic missions reminiscent of a painful seizure.

“We are seeing some paroxysms (painful seizure) associated with the exclusivity, which President Obama has consistently emphasized, arrogantly pointing to their place, which should take the rest of the country”, — said Lavrov, answering the question that in recent years the United States use the Russian departmenet as a bargaining chip.

On Thursday 31 August, it was announced that the United States has decided to close the Russian Consulate in San Francisco and two consular facility in Washington and new York.