In Venezuela interested in bolivars wife of opposition leader for treatment of his grandmother

Lilian Tintori Seaside

Police in Venezuela have discovered a large amount of money in the car of the wife of the local leader of the opposition Leopoldo Lopez. It is reported Publico.

According to prosecutors, in the car Lilian tintori seaside was found a box, which was two hundred million bolivars (about $ 20 million).

According to attorney-General Tarek William Saab, this is a very “controversial” finding, and the Agency has “very specific” plan of the investigation.

Tintori seaside, in turn, said that the money she needed for treatment of his grandmother. In his Twitter, the woman wrote: “She was 100 years old, a few days ago she was hospitalized, and she has no insurance”.

Lilian Tintori (@liliantintori)
30 August 2017, 02:31

Himself Leopoldo lópez is currently under house arrest. He was found guilty of organizing mass protests in 2014, which killed 40 people.