In Russia for cashing bitcoins arrested and face 7 years

In Russia for cashing bitcoins arrested and face 7 years

In Kostroma has detained a criminal group which was engaged in cashing and other transactions with the cryptocurrency, which, in the opinion of the FSB fall under the category of illegal banking activities.

Illegal currency exchange

The case of the illegal operations, bitcoin is disclosed in Kostroma. What exactly was “illegal” operations is not specified.

For virtual exchange service and the criminals have issued more than 300 banking and SIM cards to their relatives and acquaintances, through which subsequently carried out the exchange and transfer of cryptocurrency — explained in the police. This is the first case of its kind in the history of the region.

How was the cash?

The investigating authorities said that the defendants through accounts and accounts in the Internet, designed for dummies, illegally cashed more than 500 million rubles. They were charged with illegal banking activities.

The police does not sleep

Police interviewed some 400 witnesses and spent about 30 examinations. The suspects were computer-based information, likely contains data about the illegal activities of cyber criminals.

After the trial, each member of the group faces up to seven years of imprisonment, Vedomosti said.

Still, for what?

Hi-Tech Mail.Ru tried to figure out what exactly can you blame the miners:

These people can attract just under the article “Illegal banking activities”. It threatens them seven years in prison. Let me explain: not allowed to cash out bitcoins into your account. But to make 300 cards for their cash is a crime. Here you can see what went bitcoin. For example, if a banned substance (this is an example), it is possible and article 228 of the further “tie”. There is a will…Anton LeaseeuropeBitcoin tokens bloccante pretend to understand it, and I don’t understand! Help!Read more