Comprehensive guide to the characters of “twin peaks”: then and now

Comprehensive guide to the characters of “twin peaks”: then and now

To the finale of “twin peaks” there are only two series — the fate of most of the characters are already clear, and the story that started in 1989, is coming to its logical (surreal) completion. Esquire knows how to change the characters of the series in 25 years.

Series8.0 Twin Peaks

Dale Cooper

An eccentric FBI agent who is interested in Tibet, meditation, supernatural phenomena, like coffee, cherry pie and a good girl with a tragic past.

In the finale of the second season is trapped in the Black Lodge (a parallel dimension, which is the source of all the evil of the world).

His place in this world is the embodiment of his dark side — evil twin.

After 25 years, this is selected Cooper from the Black Lodge. But in this world there continues to be its evil twin.

Because they are two sides of the same personality, we will discuss both of them.

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  • Evil Cooper (double): Calculating psychopath who likes to manipulate people and break their will, and the rapist (his victims — Audrey Horne and Diane that the real Cooper felt strictly Platonic. Has the uncanny ability to come back to life with the help of the evil forces.
  • Good Cooper: after the release of Black Lodge Dale became crazy and became friendly autist who fucking with lucky jackpots. At the end of the season he finally returns to normal and becomes the same audience favorite FBI agent.


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  • Then: Bob the demon of the Black Lodge. Can capture a person’s soul and make him do terrible things. Feeds obtained in the Commission of a crime of passion, fear and pain. In the first two seasons of the Bob is inside of Laura’s father Leland Palmer, who is under the influence of Bob raped and then killed his own daughter. At the end of the second season of Bob’s deception captures agent Cooper.
  • Now: for 25 years, Bob was inside a dark double Cooper and have done evil with it. Trying to be independent from the rest of the spirits of the Black Lodge, so personally absorbs all pain and suffering, thus breaking the balance of good and evil. Perhaps this gives him the power to resurrect his vessel (body Cooper) in case someone kills him. Spirits of the Black Lodge (in particular, the one-armed Mike) trying to get the Bob back, but he does everything to escape them.

Gordon Cole

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  • Then: Head of regional Department of the FBI and one of the founders of operational group “Blue rose”, which investigates cases with a supernatural beginning. Deaf, so uses a hearing aid and speaks very loudly. To avoid information leaks, from time to time communicates with the agents in coded messages. Share the love of Cooper to cherry pies and coffee. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to flirt with pretty girls.
  • Now: Gordon was promoted and became Deputy Director of the FBI. Also, he had a new hearing aid, so he wasn’t constantly shouting during a conversation. Still loves to flirt with pretty girls, which causes his colleagues unjustified doubts about the professional qualities of the assistant to Gordon — exotic beauty Tamara Preston.

Albert Rosenfeld

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  • Then: an FBI Agent and one of the leading experts of forensic medical examination. Sharp, cynical and insensitive snob with a light heart, explaining their actions to love people and fight for justice. Helped in the murder investigation of Laura Palmer, and in exposing criminals Josie Packard.
  • Now: albert remained in the same position as before. His character has not changed, except that over the years he has tempered his skepticism toward the supernatural.

Denis/Denise Bryson

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  • Then, the Management Agent for combating drugs, who once was forced to dress as a woman to infiltrate a group selling drugs transvestites. These role-playing games were Bryson’s taste so much that he began to walk in a female way and call himself “Denise”.
  • Now: Despite his eccentric appearance and operation sex change, Denise became chief of staff of the FBI. Not without the support of Gordon Cole.

Philip Jeffries

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  • Then: One of the first agents operational group “Blue rose”. Was missing for two years during the execution of the task, and then showed up at the Philadelphia FBI office, where scared all scared and gave an important clue about the fate of agent Cooper.
  • Now Jeffries has lost his human shell and turned into some kind of fancy metal kettle with a luminous ball on the tip. Considering that the group David Bowie called Tin machine (Tin machine), it seems that the new appearance is a reference to it.

    “Mechanized” Jeffries moved to another dimension, the entrance to which is in a dilapidated area of the hotel “Dutchman”, the demonic over a grocer’s shop. Presumably, he was involved in the attempted double Cooper. Although not an admission of guilt.

Laura Palmer

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  • Then: In the TV series Laura was dead. We know that she was the school prom Queen, and her cute face is hidden like a nest of vices, and a good soul, weary of the eternal confrontation of good and evil. Demon BOB wanted Laura since childhood, corrupting her, but she resisted and paid with his life.
  • Now: the Spirit of Laura lives in the Black Lodge. Technically she was dead, but in the beginning of the third season, the character says a mysterious phrase: “I’m dead but I’m alive.” At the time of death for Laura was a mystic ring from the Cave of the owls, teleports its owner to the Black Lodge. Hence the suggestion that Laura is still alive in one form or another. It might even materializes in the earthly world in the final third of the season. Or already has it live double.

Leland Palmer

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  • Then: a Serious lawyer of a large company, one of the most respected residents of the city of twin Peaks, family-oriented and grieving father of the murdered Laura Palmer. Appearance. In fact, a pedophile, a serial killer and a ruthless killer who always raped his daughter Laura and, eventually, killed her. Committing heinous crimes, Leland was under the control of BOB.

    In the 18th series of the second season of agent Cooper calculates Leland. He confessed to his crimes and commits suicide. In agony Leland sincerely repented. To him comes a vision of Laura, who forgave him.

  • Now: over the next 25 years, the spirit of Leland is in the Black Lodge. Agent Cooper, before you get out of the Lodge, found him there, and the spirit of Leland with tears in his eyes said to him: “Find Laura”.

Sarah Palmer (nee Novak)

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  • Then, Exhausted mother of Laura Palmer, possessing the gift of clairvoyance and suffering from the depressive form of bipolar disorder. Her husband, Leland Palmer is secretly mixed in her food drugs to hide from her that he regularly raped their daughter Laura.
  • Now: After the tragic events that befell her family, Sarah gradually becomes an inveterate drunkard, leading a solitary life. She became more angry, hard and distant. Probably possessed by some bloodthirsty demon.

Ben Horne

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  • Then: Playboy gourmet, a good speaker and a dodgy businessman. In addition to the Department store and hotel “great Northern” (where the arrival in twin Peaks stopped by agent Cooper), owns a brothel on the border of the state. When a business is in crisis, Ben little loses his mind and imagines himself Confederate General Robert Lee. Then comes back to normal and trying to be the good guy, while bringing to others not less harmful, than when he was the bad boy. Father Audrey Horne and Donna Hayward.
  • Now: still the owner of the hotel “great Northern”. And still trying to be good, so not being in a romantic hint his assistant Beverly and does not give money to his grandson-the sociopath Richard.