A truck crashed into a pedestrian hit the car on the track “don” in the suburbs

Four people were killed in the accident involving a truck in the Moscow region, reports “Riama” on Friday, September 1.

“At about 03:00 at the 45th kilometer of the highway M-4 “don” Toyota Corolla hit a pedestrian, then stopped and was hit by a truck. Death of a pedestrian, and three people in the Corolla car”, — told in the press service of the main Department of the MIA of Russia in Moscow region.

Currently on the scene working law enforcement officers.

On 10 August the Minister of transport and road infrastructure of the region Igor Treskov said that in the Moscow region managed to reduce the term of liquidation of consequences of accident on the road 15 times through the establishment of mobile teams.

In July on the highway M-2 in the Podolsk district of the Moscow region a passenger bus collided with a truck. In the accident suffered three: the bus driver and two passengers.