To promote the elections, the CEC proposed to use selfies

To promote the elections, the CEC proposed to use selfies

The company “IMA-Consulting” — the winner of the CEC — proposed to attract people to the polls using a selfie-shares and memes. Previously RBC wrote that she asked the CEC of 35 million rubles for the work.

The winner of the competition of the Central electoral Commission on coverage of its activities before the election of the President of the company “IMA-Consulting” proposes to use to promote the elections of social networks and flash mobs. Found out about it the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

In the bid the company offered to motivate voters, because of the importance of the choice made, because it is the “choice of the future of Russia”, and an emphasis on family values, comparing the state with the “big family”.

To promote the election of “IMA-consulting” was invited to use the resources Mail.Ru Group — social network “Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki”. With the caveat that “Mail.Ru Group it is still necessary to agree”. In social networks, the company offered to do the monitoring, “to respond to negativity” and use memes.

In an example, the authors of the concept proposed the following sentence: “Where did Malakhov? On elections”. The company also proposed to launch the campaign for the best selfie at a polling station to hand over letters of the CEC.

However, in the “IMA-Consulting” noted a General distrust of elections and the existence of the opinion that from the results of specific expression a little that depends.

Previously RBC wrote that “IMA-consulting” after the victory requested in my job RUB 35 million, the CEO of the company Vartan Sarkisov told RBC that the company will develop outdoor advertising, video and audio clips, advertising on the Internet and will work with the social networks and the media.

That Mail.Ru Group is the main pretendentam of the Kremlin and the CEC to prepare a digital strategy for the presidential election in 2018, previously reported by RBC with reference to sources. “The challenge is to mobilize voters to the polls, to avoid problems with low attendance and speculation after the election on this issue”, — said RBC senior source in the Kremlin.

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