The Russian Consul General in new York predicted the lack of positivity in relations between Russia and the United States

The Consul General of Russia in new York Sergey Ovsyannikov believes that in Russian-American relations in the near future should not wait for positive changes. He told about it Wednesday, August 30.

“Turning to the immediate prospects of us-Russian relations, would prefer to refrain from forecasts. It seems that common sense from the American side will appear, and injected into United States Russophobia stops. The Americans should be aware of the situation and begin to gradually back off. From what I see, hear and read of what goes on in Congress that says the us policy, yet nothing positive from the US, do we not necessary”, — said Ovsyannikov.

He also said that does not exclude solutions of the American side to close the Russian Consulate General in new York. “If there is a warrant for the closure of our Consulate or to reduce the number of employees in it diplomats, all this, again, will primarily affect our countrymen: the more complicated the process of issuing visas, passports, powers of attorney,” said Ovsyannikov.

August 23 Washington has stopped issuing nonimmigrant visas throughout Russia. From 1 September it will resume, but only in Moscow. The US stated that it is connected with intention of the Russian authorities to reduce staff of the American diplomatic missions in the country. The staff of the American Consulate advised travelers to apply for permission to enter offices in other States.

On 14 August, the newspaper “Izvestia” reported the U.S. plans to limit the radius of movement of the Russian diplomats of Junior and middle managers working in the country, with 25 miles (40 kilometers) to 10-15 miles.

On 2 August President of the United States Donald trump has signed a law expanding sanctions against Russia. A new package of restrictions, in particular, prohibits American companies and individuals to lend to Russian banks for longer than 14 days (previously the deadline was 90 days). In addition, limited-term financing of Russian oil and gas companies.