The Russian Ambassador to the US spoke about the upcoming mission

Anatoly Antonov

New Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov sees its task is to improve relations between the two countries and to convey to Americans that we must not quarrel, but to interact on a partnership basis to our mutual benefit. He said this to “Kommersant”.

“I will work quietly, professionally, openly, trying together with his colleagues in Moscow and Washington to stabilize and then to improve Russian-American relations,” he said, adding that it is important to ensure that communication between the two countries were equal, pragmatic and mutually respectful and mutually beneficial.

“I will strive to convey to the Americans that we are not enemies, but should be partners for the benefit of the interests of Russia and the USA”, — said the Ambassador.

According to Antonov, he goes to Washington with a working attitude. The main task of Ambassador, he called the maintenance and protection of the interests of the state. “He should be ready to perform it in any environment, regardless of the situation in inter-state dialogue with the country”, — said the diplomat.

Antonov stated that Russian-American relations in the last few years has seriously degraded because of the actions of the previous US administration, which deliberately destroyed to create the long Foundation of cooperation. “As repeatedly said President Vladimir Putin is not our choice. We were always interested in constructive cooperation with Washington on all bilateral and international agenda,” — said the Ambassador.

Antonov reminded that the attitude of the new US President Donald trump on the improvement of Russian-American relations, marked by him in the period of the election campaign, in Moscow, was perceived positively. “But to improve the atmosphere and especially the quality of bilateral relations is possible only if joint work will be based on the fundamental principles of equality, real respect of interests and non-interference in the internal Affairs of each other, without trying to blackmail and impose his will,” — he stressed.

Candidate Antonov to the post of Ambassador to the United States was approved on may 18. He will replace on this post of Sergey Kislyak, who completed his mission in Washington on July 22. Currently, the functions of chargé d’affaires of Russia in the USA performs the Counsellor Denis Gonchar.