The police did not prosecute on “soldering” shot down in Balashikha boy

The police did not prosecute on “soldering” shot down in Balashikha boy

Moscow. August 31. INTERFAX.RU Moscow police issued a refusal to initiate the criminal case of involvement in antisocial actions six-year-old boy, who died in an accident in the spring in Balashikha, reported “Interfax” on Thursday in a press-service of the regional Central Directorate of police.

“After receiving a forensic medical examination from the State budget institution of health “Bureau of forensic medical examination” of the city Railway in order St. St. 144-145 of the criminal procedure code is assigned pre-investigation checks on the fact of detection of signs of structure of the crime provided by item 151 of the criminal code (involvement of a minor in Commission of antisocial actions),” — said the press service.

According to the interior Ministry, the audit was conducted to establish the circumstances of contact with blood of the deceased child of alcohol.

“The results of the audit on 26 August issued a ruling on refusal to initiate criminal proceedings. Materials are transferred in office of public Prosecutor Balashikha to check the legality of the decision”, — stated in the message.

Earlier, RT reported that the police may initiate a criminal case on “soldering” older six-year-old boy, who died in an accident in Balashikha in April.

An accident in the yard

On 15 June, the press service of the Moscow Central Directorate of interior Ministry announced the initiation of a criminal case into the death in April of a six year old boy under the wheels of a car driven by 31-year-old Olga beneficial, in the yard of a home in the city Railway (one of the districts of Balashikha). The car ran over the child and dragged him at least 10 meters. A woman charged with a traffic violation that caused the death (part 3 of article 264 of the criminal code).