The employee of the Irkutsk cemetery died in someone else’s grave

In the village of Taras (Bokhanskij district, Irkutsk region) conducted preliminary examination on the fact of discovery of the body of a local resident in the grave dug for the other deceased. On Thursday, August 31, according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

The body was found on August 25. Visible signs of violent death it was not. On the eve of the 55-year-old man along with two friends dug the grave and drank. He fell asleep on the ground, his companions went home, and came back in the morning, found a dead body in the grave. The death probably occurred because of hypothermia. Being tested, the results of which procedural decision will be made.

“Interfax” specifies, that the man worked in the cemetery gravedigger.

In March 2017, it became known that the Moscow resident born in 1974 committed suicide on the grave of the daughter who died a few months before. The name of the deceased has not been named, explained that he worked as an assistant state Duma Deputy, Denis Moskvin.