Police officers arrested a disability pension girl from Nizhny Novgorod

Bailiffs in Nizhny Novgorod took all the money from retirement accounts three year old girl with hydrocephalus. On Wednesday, August 30, reports REN TV.

The report notes that parents spend a lot of money for the treatment of the child, which, in addition to expensive drugs, includes various tests, procedures, and operations. In this regard, the family has debt, but, as the channel, their parents did not pay, preferring to spend the money for treatment daughter.

The family was told that bailiffs had begun to write off the disability pension that the state pays the girl. The child’s mother showed a passbook, which shows the removed amount of 12 thousand rubles, rubles and 2260 3200. Currently on 39 rubles.

The situation was commented on REN-TV Deputy head of the Bor Department bailiff Malik Radjabov. According to him, in that case, if the debt does not exceed 25 thousand rubles, the bailiff has the right to contact the Bank directly.

The girl’s parents indicate that the arrest of the disability pension is illegal.

Thus, according to article 101 of the Federal law “On enforcement proceedings”, the disability pension is one of the exceptions of the prohibition of collection of debt from the accounts of insurance coverage.