On a flooded chemical plant in Texas exploded reagents

For Arkema chemical plant near the city of Houston (Texas, USA), two explosions occurred. About it reports BBC News.

Witnesses reported black smoke that rise above the plant. The industrial complex has suffered from-for hurricane “Harvey” and the subsequent floods, he has lost his opportunity to cool chemicals.

Local authorities informed in advance about possible emergency situations in the production, evacuated all local residents within a radius of two and a half miles from Arkema.

However, a few local residents even before the explosions inhaled the fumes and went to the hospital with symptoms of chemical poisoning hospitalized a police officer.

Hurricane “Harvey” hit the United States in the night of August 26. Initially, he appropriated the fourth category of danger, but gradually it decreased to a tropical storm and then to the level of a tropical depression. The most severely damaged Texas. In the disaster killed 33 people.