Named regions with the most expensive and the cheapest school uniforms

Named regions with the most expensive and the cheapest school uniforms

The most expensive school equipment cost this year, parents in the Khabarovsk territory, Nenets Autonomous district and the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the cheapest — the residents of Ingushetia, Kalmykia and Omsk region.

To such conclusion experts of the company “FinExpertiza”, analyzing the average cost of purchase of the most necessary to every student of the garments.

“In our research we have found many parents in different regions of Russia had to pay in order to prepare your child for the new academic year, — the expert explained. — Are taken into account, only the most expensive part of this process — the purchase of school and athletic uniforms, shoes, portfolio.” The share of expenses for notebooks, pens and pencils — not great in the total amount of spending.

The average cost of a “school check” in Russia amounted to slightly less than 9 thousand rubles. The girls assemble in the school more than the boys.

A set of school and sports uniform for girls is on average 636 rubles more than the kit for boys.

Most spent this year parents Khabarovsk schoolchildren — they on average had to pay 12 560 rubles. The average cost of a “school check” for girls in the region — 13 204 rubles, for boys 11 916 rubles. The slightly shorter 12 023 rubles — went to the school and sports form the parents of the Nenets Autonomous district. And closes the three most expensive cost of clothing for students in regions of Kamchatka. There are an average “school check” to 11 897 rubles.