Luzhkov decided to make the vitamins to strengthen blood vessels

The former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov intends to engage in the production routine. This vitamin drug strengthens blood vessels. It will produce from buckwheat grown in the agro-industrial complex in the Kaliningrad region. On Wednesday, August 30, reports TASS, citing the press service of the former mayor of the capital.

In 2017 for the production of raw routine in agribusiness, owned by Luzhkov allocated 100 hectares of the 5 thousand. In a selected area of cultivated special varieties of buckwheat — red and white.

Currently, a significant amount of routine in Russia comes from China, Japan and Korea. In these countries vitamin a drug belonging to the flavonoids, substances of the group of vitamin P, which have the ability to strengthen capillary vessels.

In the Kaliningrad region Luzhkov belongs to the stud farm “weeder,” which is positioned as a diversified agricultural enterprise. In addition to breeding sheep and horses, are engaged in the growing and processing of agricultural products.

In may 2017 the farm started producing cheese under the brand name “Honey Luzhki”. Major areas of production are soft cheeses such as brie and Camembert. Further Luzhkov plans to begin production of hard cheese — up to the production of Parmesan.

In March 2015, it was announced that Luzhkov starts in the most Western region of Russia the production of buckwheat. It was emphasized that the factory farm “weeder” is able to process sun buckwheat grown in the region. What you purchased the equipment performance 900-1200 pounds of buckwheat per hour.