Jackie Chan stood up for the pangolin

Jackie Chan stood up for the pangolin

The martial arts superstar Jackie Chan has joined the campaign against the extinction of pangolins — scaly pangolins threatened with extinction.

The star of “rush Hour” in the video teaches a trio of pangolins techniques of kung fu for self-defense and encourages more people not to eat their meat and use the shells in folk medicine, the newspaper reports Taiwan News.

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In the framework of the campaign “Kung fu pangolin,” which leads the organization WildAid, Jackie Chan will also appear on posters in China and Vietnam — the two largest consumer countries of pangolins.

The head of WildAid Peter knights said that the previous campaign for the protection of sharks and rhinos was successful.

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A new campaign was launched against the background of the efforts of the authorities of one of States of Malaysia to ban the hunting of pangolins and to punish poachers to five years in prison.

In July local authorities seized 8 tons of armor of pangolins at the port of Sabah.

The extermination of pangolins is threatening not only this species, but the biological diversity of the whole region, writes ekoresurs Clean Malaysia.

Pangolins — the most popular mammals for smugglers. Over the last 10 years their numbers in the wild decreased by 1 million individuals, say in WildAid.

Pangolin meat is considered a delicacy. They flake coated with a special keratin-based shell. In China it is believed that the shell saves you from many diseases, including cancer. Scientific confirmation of this.