In the United States said that the world must learn to live in a bird flu

In the United States said that the world must learn to live in a bird flu

SAO PAULO (Brazil), 31 Aug — RIA Novosti. Bird flu spread almost all over the world, and because it is likely that in the near future it will win, the world must learn to coexist with this disease, says the President of the branch organization the Council on export of poultry and eggs (USAPEEC) James Sumner.

“I think the world is beginning to better understand bird flu and the fact that they have to live… the Bird flu begins to spread everywhere worldwide, except South America,” said Sumner, speaking at the panel session of the International exhibition of poultry and pork products SIAVS 2017.

You will need to learn how to coexist with avian influenza. We will not be able to get rid of bird flu in the near future, we might not get rid of him.James Samarbeidet Council of the USA on export of poultry and eggs

Chapter USAPEEC reminded that American manufacturers during the outbreak of avian flu in 2015 has lost $ 4.2 billion — the largest losses in history.

However, this amount does not include the cost of fighting the disease. “Broiler production suffered the greatest losses, though we had no detections of avian influenza in chickens — it was discovered in turkeys and laying eggs,” said Sumner. The losses were linked not only with the reduction of exports, but with domestic US market.

So, the poultry industry of the United States in 2015, according to the Council, because of export restrictions due to avian influenza lost 1,292 billion (including broiler production — 1,157 billion), and inside the country — even 2,909 billion (2,262 billion, respectively).

“This year we had two small outbreaks in one state at a distance of several miles from each other, and the ensuing measures have been much weaker. We convinced many countries that prohibit trade unreasonably. In addition, we have seen many outbreaks of avian influenza around the world, other countries faced the same”, — said the President of the USAPEEC.